Accounts from Patients:



Brett McCarten

Personal Trainer

At the beginning of the summer, I set myself a couple of goals; getting back into the gym and reducing my body fat. At first, I was unable to lift any weight due to a lower back injury suffered three months earlier, but after three progressive physiotherapy sessions with Alasdair Russell, I’ve been able to reach my goals and I’m now in great shape. The physiotherapy sessions with Alasdair have helped me increase my core strength and stability, and now I can concentrate on and set more goals for the future.



Rebecca Robinson
GB marathon representative at commonwealth games 2011 and European championships 2010

GB Mountain Running representative 2016,2017

I've been treated by Alasdair since he graduated in sports therapy and this has been one of the best things to help my legs contend with the demands of training.

I encountered quite a few injury issues after increasing my mileage for longer distances up to the marathon. Alasdair's thorough approach to assessment and holistic treatment style really has helped redress imbalances, getting me back to running sooner. Regular massage and mobilisation enables me to progress training with far less trouble and is now a key part of my schedule.

It's been good to see Alasdair's confidence in his practice growing and he now treats a wide portfolio of clients from athletics and other sports at Star Therapy.

Alasdair combines his work in sports therapy with his own rapidly improving running performance and a real passion for athletics. It's pretty much impossible to leave an appointment without feeling motivated by his enthusiasm, too.

Whatever your injury needs or aims in sport, I'd highly recommend an appointment at Star Therapy to help you move forward.